Word in OneDrive

Zotero will not connect to word documents that I write on the MS word app (not online Word). I have saved the file name w/o spaces, but the problem persists.
  • Does Zotero work in files that you save locally in your computer, not in OneDrive? Did you try changing the directories in OneDrive and seeing if it works when saved somewhere else?
  • Yes when I save the file locally it works. But the whole point is to work on shared files. Any solution?
  • Usually this is resolved by not using space symbols. Make sure you are only using unaccented latin symbols and numbers in the filename and place it as close to the top of your OneDrive. Basically, this issue is caused by Word providing conflicting information about file paths when they are stored in OneDrive, so you troubleshoot by making the filepath simpler.
  • I kicked it up one folder up the path and now it works, thanks.
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