PDF links won't save to lib

when I open links like this one, I get the standard button on Chrome changing to a Z (this, in turn links to download the app/extension-both of which I have).


Is there anything I an do to import them? It's becoming really taxing to have to manage them manually and I don't want to inadvertently cite incorrectly.
  • edited March 16, 2023
    That's not a PDF URL — you have the Adobe Acrobat extension installed, and that's a URL from the extension. Zotero isn't able to access that, so you would need to disable that extension to save PDFs directly to Zotero.

    Note that on supported sites you could still save from article pages, which is the recommended way of saving to Zotero anyway. But for anything where there's only a PDF, you'd need to disable the Acrobat extension (or you'd have to download the file to disk and drag it to Zotero, but that's annoying).
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