Merging Zotero reference list with list created in Word

I have tried to implement suggestions from this forum, but have not been successful. Here is my dilemma:
I am co-authoring a book. I use Zotero, my co-author does not. So I have his list in Word, and mine created by Zotero. I am unable to combine them so I can have a complete reference list and the use Sort in word to alphabetize. I use Word 2016 on a PC and have just updated Zotero. Any help would be welcome.
  • I think your only two options are:

    1. Making his citations into Zotero own citations.
    You can use or something else to make them importable. Then you'll have to replace all of his citations, but can then generate an integrated bibliography.

    2. At the very end you unlink your Zotero citations in a copy of the file. Then sort them manually. You might be able to automate the sorting a big with Excel or similar.
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