Sage Harvard Bibliography issue

I am having some issues with the Sage Harvard style. Some of the references follow the Sage Harvard style correctly, while others do not. The main issues is with capitalizing all words in titles.

Correct: Bosworth M (2007) Creating the responsible prisoner: Federal admission and orientation packs. Punishment and Society 9(1): 67–85.

Incorrect: Foucault M (1977) Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. New York: Vintage Bo.

How can I fix this?
  • The style applies title/headline casing for book titles, which is what I see in the author guidelines. Why do you think that's wrong?
  • Thanks for the comment, I missed the difference between book and journal articles. But I do have some journal articles where each word in their titles are capitalized, which should not be the case.

    E.g. Horowitz V and Uggen C (2019) Consistency and Compensation in Mercy: Commutation in the Era of Mass Incarceration. Social Forces 97(3): 1–25.
  • I tried this, but it doesn't change the output.
  • The style does that correctly -- test in a new document. It's possible you separated the citation from the corresponding item in Zotero somehow (e.g. by deleting a duplicate or by using export/import)
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