Deleted collections

I created a new subcollection this morning and then when I went to add a text to it, not only was that subcollection deleted but also 3 other subcollections are gone too. (I did not delete any of them and they are not in my bin). I have restored from my back up 2 days ago when the subcollection definitely existed but the restoration didn't bring the collection back... Does anyone know how I can solve this?
  • The same happend to us !!
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    The only way for a collection to be deleted is if you delete it via the UI and click through the confirmation prompt. Sometimes when people do this by mistake they have the collection selected and press Delete/Backspace and Return/Enter on the keyboard while trying to type somewhere else.

    @alicemillar, it looks like you deleted two collections in your library. @rakeljohnsen, seven collections in your group were deleted at different times (I didn't check by whom).

    In both cases, no items were deleted, so all the items would still appear in the library root.

    If you just did this, you should be able to restore a deleted collection from one of the automatic backups. Note the instructions for temporarily disabling auto-sync and the specific instructions for restoring collections. (@alicemillar, I'd guess that you didn't disable auto-sync and so the deletion was just synced back down again. If the data existed at the time of the backup, you'd see it in the backup before syncing.)

    A future version of Zotero will make it possible to restore a deleted collection from the trash.
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