why can't other users see the attachment locally in a group share?

I have my own library, and I also created a shared library with someone else. I *dragged* a paper item into the shared library *from* my library.

I can see both the pdf file and the item itself, naturally.

the other users, however, can only see the item (the name, comments, etc.), but the pdf is *not* locally available to them.

what could I do to fix that when adding an item from my library? reading other posts in the forum gives me the impression that this expected behavior with a fix that either will or already did come later.

I tried to click on Tools -> Manage Attachments -> Convert Linked Files to Stored Files (it seems related to me), but it is always greyed out (the final menu item).

anyone with a clue?
  • It's not clear whether you're saying they see the attachment item but get a file-not-found error trying to open it or they don't see the attachment item at all.

    For the former, see Files Not Syncing.

    For the latter, they should see the same thing you see in the group library. What matters is what's in the group, not in your personal library. If you use linked files and haven't converted those to stored files, the attachments wouldn't be transferred to the group, since groups don't support linked files. If you're sure you have a stored file, delete the item in the group and drag again.
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