Can't export files with Better BibLaTeX

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    The problem seems to persist in 6.0.23-beta.6+bc07bf803 as well. When trying to export either single items or collections only a file with bibliographic metadata (e.g. .bib) is created, no files exported.

    The expected behaviour would be, if I understand correctly, a bib file + plus a bunch of pdfs. The bib files should possibly contain a relative link to the respective pdfs.
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    There's currently an issue where if you're selecting "Include annotations" and you have many files or large files, it can take a little while for the files to appear — the export doesn't currently have a proper progress window in that case. (If you haven't been annotating in Zotero or don't need the annotations, unchecking that will make the file export much quicker.)
  • Thanks, @dstillman! Unless by "a little while" you mean several hours, I can't seem to make it work on my machine. There's always just the .bib without files (I have unchecked the annotation export).
  • Can you restart Zotero and provide a Debug ID for a single-item export that doesn't result in a file? Let it go for 30 seconds or so just to make sure nothing is still happening.
  • Here's the Debug ID for the Collection Export: D1832911493
    This one's for the single Item: D1661608329
    (both fail to export the files)

    Thanks a lot for looking into this!
  • You're using Better BibLaTeX. We can only help with built-in formats.
  • Great, so now I know that it is a Better BibLaTeX issue :-D
    Thank you
  • If you want help with that you'll have to open an issue on github.
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