Odd crashes with 6.0.23-beta.6+bc07bf803

I'm a little reluctant to report this but it happened several times in a repeatable fashion.
I'd love to send a log but every time it happened the log cleared.
MacBookPro running Big Sur 11.7.2
Update to 6.0.23-beta.6+bc07bf803 loaded at startup.
Switched to My Library.
Clicked Sync.
A couple of items sync'd and then a crash.
Turned on logging.
Restarted Zotero several times and log was reset to no errors.
Rebooted computer.
Same results as above.
Switched to a collection.
Clicked sync.
Sync proceeded normally.
I realize this could be coincidence, solar flares, phase of the moon, or something on the server side, but I tried this a dozen times with the same result each time.
Just wanted to mention it in case anyone else saw anything funky.
I have a pretty large library and there were 121 updated items in the sync if that's useful.
Let me know if I can provide any other info.
  • Crash as in the app closed completely? Do you have any third-party plugins installed, and are you using a second monitor? There's a known issue in the current version of Zotero where plugins that open a progress window can cause the app to crash. If not that, we'd want to see the first ~100 or so lines from a crash log from the Console app for one of the recent crashes.
  • Thanks.
    App closed completely.
    Apple crash log popped up.
    Zotero log says no errors.(but resets to cleared on every crash)
    I've been running the same extensions forever: BBB, DOI Manager, Mdnotes, ODF scan, Zutilo.
    I've been using the same two Apple cinema displays for a decade.
    I haven't updated MacOS lately.
    I run very few apps other than Zotero and only Firefox and Mail were running at the time.
    How do you want the console crash log delivered? I have eight versions saved.
  • edited March 15, 2023
    DOI Manager can definitely trigger the two display bug, yes. (to be clear, the bug isn't with DOI Manager -- it just triggers it by displaying a progress window)
  • Thanks so much for the quick responses. I'll kill DOI Manager for now.
  • Just to close the loop, that fixed it.
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