CSL: ZitierGuide: Leitfaden zum fachgerechten Zitieren in rechtswissenschaftlichen Arbeiten


For one of our departements, a colleague adapted some years ago this style in Zotero:

Then, it was working fine, now we got feedback that there is no page number shown in the inline citation, when entered in Word via Add/Edit Citation.

How can this style be adapted, that the page number is shown again?

Kind regards

  • The style has not been changed substantively since it was originally added in 2019.

    Pinpoints (i.e. page numbers and similar added via the word processor add-on) have never been part of the style.
  • Thank you for your answer so quickly!

    So our documentation must be wrong, in it we say that it is possible to put in the page number via the usual way. We now use a workaround via the suffix.

    How could the page number be added to the style? Could this easily be done?
  • relatively easily, yes. How/where exactly do you want the page numbers to appear?
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