synchronization problem

I used to synchronize my library by WebDav server,and it works well for several months。But it reports “request time out” during synchronization recent days。The problem only happens on the Windows app。The same URL,username and password can be used on the IOS app without any problem。My Windows Zotero version is 6.0.23。
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync that fails?
  • [JavaScript Error: "Request timed out"]

    [JavaScript Error: "WebDAV 验证失败。检查 Zotero 首选项中同步选项卡里的文件同步设置。"]

    [JavaScript Error: "WebDAV 验证失败。检查 Zotero 首选项中同步选项卡里的文件同步设置。"]

    [JavaScript Error: "Passing a URI to Zotero.File.getContentsAsync() is deprecated -- use Zotero.HTTP.request() instead"]

    [JavaScript Error: "XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
    Location: jar:file:///C:/Users/wsdt1/AppData/Roaming/Zotero/Zotero/Profiles/070dvaar.default/extensions/!/chrome/content/preferences.xhtml
    Line Number 6, Column 12:" {file: "jar:file:///C:/Users/wsdt1/AppData/Roaming/Zotero/Zotero/Profiles/070dvaar.default/extensions/!/chrome/content/preferences.xhtml" line: 6 column: 12 source: " "}]

    [JavaScript Error: "Request timed out"]

    [JavaScript Error: "WebDAV verification failed"]

    version => 6.0.23, platform => Win32, oscpu => Windows NT 10.0; WOW64, locale => zh-CN, appName => Zotero, appVersion => 6.0.23, extensions => Zotero PDF Translate (1.0.9, extension), Jasminum (0.2.4, extension), Zotero PDF Preview (0.3.7, extension), ZotFile (, extension), Zotero LibreOffice Integration (6.0.4.SA.6.0.23, extension), Zotero Word for Windows Integration (6.0.3.SA.6.0.23, extension), Del Item With Attachment (0.1.06, extension, disabled), Zotero Reference (0.4.2, extension, disabled), Zutilo Zotero 工具箱 (3.10.0, extension, disabled), Zotero Tag (0.3.0, extension, disabled)
  • No, we need a Debug ID — follow my link.
  • D656937590
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    OK, that's just genuinely a timeout trying to connect to your WebDAV server. It may be being blocked by your current network. I'm afraid that's all we can tell you.
  • I have solved the problem and may have discovered why. I connect to my webdav server through a proxy server, which may have blocked TLS 1.2. I found a similar problem through Raidrive,when using TLS 1.2, it reports 'time out'; switch to TLS 1.3 ,it can be reconnected.I guess Zotero may not support TLS 1.3 perfectly. This can be resolved by changing the proxy server or enabling the TLS 1.2.
  • Zotero 7 will support TLS 1.3 later this year.
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