Stop software update prompts

edited March 13, 2023
I do not have administrative control over a work computer that I use zotero desktop on and whenever there is a recommended software update I am informed by the prompt that an update is available, but I cannot install it.

I would like a way to disable this prompt because it pops up multiple times a day when I am using zotero on this work computer. Eventually I will update zotero, but I need to coordinate it with IT at work because they have administrative control.
  • You can set app.update.enabled to false in the Config Editor in the Advanced pane of the preferences.

    You should set a regular reminder to check for updates, though, as there are regular releases with bug fixes, new features, and compatibility updates.
  • I have had Zotero desktop open all day and have not yet seen the popup after changing the app.update.enabled setting to false. I am assuming your suggestion has worked. Thank you for assistance.

    I would still suggest adding an option to toggle automatic update off using the menu bar or general preferences menu.
  • No. This should be difficult to find so that people who do have auto-updates turned off are 100% aware that they do. We'd waste no end of time troubleshooting outdated versions otherwise
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