Undesired pointer focus behavior after adding highlights to a note

edited 15 days ago
Following the amazing annotations functionalities and the associated templates suggested in the documentation, I notice what I experience as an inconfortable behavior, if not an unexpected one.

It's about the second template proposed (blockquote).

As it is easier to describe the unexpected behavior than the expected one, here it goes: a Russian doll pattern occurs in the note file when adding more than one highlight to this note. Happens in the note interface on the right-hand pane, if and only if a given highlight has not been commented.

The blockquote templated proposed in the documentation will add every new highlight within the first highlight, in between the highlight and the citation i.e. i between {{highlight}} and {{citation}}. It results in a growing Russian doll pattern, which is uncomfortable as the citations are mixed up and most of all the page reference will not match the highlight and comment blocks.

Steps to reproduce: in short, try to add two highlights to a note in a row. In more detail: 1) after editing the highlight template in the preference pane with <blockquote>{{highlight}}</blockquote><p>{{citation}} {{comment}}</p>, open a pdf in the reader and create a new note; 2) highlight two or more element in the pdf file ; 3) right-click on the first highlight, select add highlight to note from the contextual menu; 4) go to the second highlighted element, repeat "add highlight to note" just described in 3). Observe that this second highlight will be inserted before the citation of the first highlight. Again, this occurs only if a given highlight has not been commented. If you enter a comment after step 3), everything works fine.

That being said, moving the <p> to the very beginning of the template solved my problem.

If this is correct and there is no backfire effect of moving the paragraph tag, I would kindly suggest editing the second template of the documentation as follow:
<p><blockquote>{{highlight}}</blockquote>{{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
As compared to the current one: <blockquote>{{highlight}}</blockquote><p>{{citation}} {{comment}}</p>

PS1: The first default template proposed in the documentation works fine - no Russian doll pattern. See <p>{{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
PS2: In all the cases described above, after adding a highlight to a note, the mouse pointer will be located right before the {{citation}} block in the note interface (right-hand pane). This might be confusing, though being a minor detail as the behavior function as expected.
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