the layout of Word files on Google Drive has updated and I can't use Zotero as before

ID: 1706056486

The Word file in which I'm writing a paper, on google drive, was updated yesterday. It changed layout and all, but it also doesn't allow me to add references like before through the Zotero extension (there is the icon on the toolbar, but I can't add new references or edit previous references).
Please help me.
  • After the Google Docs redesign, the Zotero Connector has a bug where hovering over the document mode switcher (Editing/Suggesting/Viewing) disables the Zotero menu. We're pushing out a new version to fix that today (already available for Firefox), but for now if it happens you can just reload the page to restore the Zotero menu.
  • Thank you so much. Super fast support!! The bug seems solved!
    Zotero community, you are great!! :)
  • The fix is now available for all browsers.
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