Rename highlight colors?

edited March 8, 2023
I wanted to check if there's a plan to allow users to rename highlight colors on the Zotero roadmap.

I would find it very useful to be able to specify labels for the colors (e.g. {"Yellow": "method", "Red": "claim", "Blue": "result", ...} ), and maybe have the labels appear in the string that Zotero generates when you copy a highlight (in addition to the title and zotero:// URIs).

For context, MacOS allows you to rename colored "tags" in the Finder preferences, and it be great to have a similar ability in Zotero. I am constantly forgetting what color schema I used in previous files leading to wild inconsistencies in how I markup documents.


Edit: oh, sorry, I did a bad job of searching. I see this has been raised in


Please just take this as a vote of support.
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