"Switch to a Different Word Processor…" doesn't appear

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    I have tried to follow the link above to move documents between Word processors. For "LibreOffice to Word", it reads:

    1 In LibreOffice, use File → Save As… to create a copy of the document as a .docx with a new filename (e.g., “My Document - Transfer.docx”).
    2 Click Document Preferences in the Zotero plugin and select “Switch to a Different Word Processor…”.
    3 After the document has been converted, save the changes (File → Save).
    4 Open the converted file in Word and click Refresh in the Zotero plugin to continue using the document.

    The problem is that I can not even get past step number 2 because I click on "set Document Preferences" and never find the indication “Switch to a Different Word Processor…”

    Has it changed since 23 Feb 2021, perhaps?
  • (Please start new threads for new issues, and please don't tag specific people for general questions. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    "Switch to a Different Word Processor…" is a button at the bottom of the Document Preferences window, as shown in the screenshot in the documentation. Are you saying you don't see that? If not, can you provide a Report ID to start?
  • @dstillman Thank you for your help. Sorry about that. In fact, it has just been solved by @adamsmith on another thread.

    The option did not appear because I had not set the citation style after the ODF scan, so all I had was placeholders. Now it DOES appear, and it works.

    Just one thing, though. When I created the docx file, I got the following message, but I wonder if I should worry about it, since it seems to be working:

    Zotero Integration
    This document contains Zotero ReferenceMarks. Upon reopening the document, Zotero will be unable to edit existing citations or add new references to the bibliography.
    To save Zotero citation information, please select the "ODF Text Document" format when saving, or switch to Bookmarks in the Zotero Document Preferences

    So I wonder: SHOULD I switch to "Bookmarks", or should I not?
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