Change or delete username

I need to change my user name, or, at least, delete my profile to create a new one, how can I do?
  • Log in at, then:

    Settings link (upper right corner of the page) ->
    Profile tab ->
    [edit the Real Name field] ->
    Save Profile
  • It works. Thank you very much!
  • Finally it did not work: my user name (for example in discussion) is still CRDP. Zotero use my real name only in the "welcome" tab. How can I do for change my username?
  • Yep, I noticed that, oops. Not sure how that would work.
  • Has anyone figured this out yet?
  • Can we change our username? I want to change it.
  • I want to too!
  • I just managed, I *think* this is what I did, it was a bit of a work around:

    Add a new email address to your account in settings -> account (hopefully you have a second email address you can use), get this verified, make it your primary email address and delete your previous email address (which is presumably the one you want to use).

    Add your preferred email address to your settings again, upon which you should get a welcome to Zotero email in your inbox. Follow the instructions, this time using your preferred user name and email address. Get this verifed, make the email address your primary address and delete the other other one.

    My old user name appears to still exist, but when I got to 'groups', for example, my new, preferred user name is listed. I was Lizzy Tawdry as in the above post, hopefully this post should appear with my new name - if not then the above advice doesn't work!
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    I tried the above method but my username still remains the same, and zotero won't sync after I input the username I'm trying to get. Any ideas?
  • hmmm...not sure if that work-around works or not...testing
  • nope, didnt work. can someone please help me try to reset my username so it displays as my preferred user name instead of what it currently is? i want my name to appear differently in shared groups. when i opened the account, i didn't think it would be shared with colleagues and it's a little unprofesh. lol
  • Please could you delete my account and all associated data.
    Thank YOU
  • This workaround worked for me to change my username but now my Zotero won't sync! Help!
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