must restart to complete previous upgrade

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  • I'm having a similar issue. I open my Zotero app on my laptop and it says that I must restart to complete previous upgrade. I restart (and did this multiple times) and the same message comes up when I try to open Zotero. Suggestions? I don't want to lose the references in Zotero, otherwise I would remove the app and try to upload it again.
  • (Please always start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    You should try reinstalling Zotero from the download page. Your data won't be affected.
  • Thanks. I tried to uninstall and it says I must restart to complete previous upgrade first. I went into my settings to uninstall and that did not work. I will try through my tech support and see if they can help. I'll let you know of the solution.
  • We'll help you — that's the point of these forums. You just have to report back when there's a problem so we can tell you what to try next.

    I didn't say to uninstall — I said to reinstall. Did you try that?

    You should also go to C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local and delete the "Zotero" folder if one exists.
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