Add-ons not appearing

I downloaded two add-ons - Zotero folder Import and Zotero PMCID fetcher. Installed the add-ons and restarted Zotero. The PMCID fetch appears to be available but not the folder import. Worse though is that when I try to open the Add on menu, nothing shows up. Literally the window is not opening. And I find that Zotfile Preferences menu also does not open. How do I fix? Is there a way to refresh the software without losing the library?
  • Hold down Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) to launch Zotero in "Safe" mode with all add-ons disabled. You should then be able to uninstall the new add-ons. I'm surprised you'd be seeing issue with these, though, they should be up-to-date and maintained.
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    The failure of the add-ons window to appear when selected under Tools is often due, in my experience, to a Zotero process remaining in memory from a previous session. I do not know what causes that. To fix it in Windows, close Zotero, and then open Task Manager to see if Zotero is still there. If so, kill it. Or if you're not comfortable doing that, just restart your computer.
  • Thanks to you both. Managed to get the window to reappear and deleted both add-ons. The PMCID fetch works fine. Bottom line is that I attempted to install the Zotero folder import (v0.0.5) twice and both times I had the same result. The Github page was not helpful and the developer of the add-on seems to imply that he would rather not be bothered.
  • No, definitely bother the dev, he's way more helpful than the readme suggests -- just make sure to provide the requested info for bug reports
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