How do I add a book published collaboratively by two distinct organizations?

I have a book that was published through a collaboration of two distinct organizations in two different locations. Since there is only one "Publisher" and "Place" field, how should I go about entering this data into Zotero?
  • The Chicago Manual's guidance is that it's typically not necessary to cite both (just use the more important/relevant one), so that'd be the first advice.
    If you do want the CMoS proposed
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press; London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson
    (or equivalent in other styles) that's not possible. I think

    Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press; Weidenfeld and Nicolson

    is an acceptable alternative (and you can enter those into place and publisher respectively)
  • @adamsmith Okay. That's helpful for understanding what it should look like in the bibliography, but is there a way to enter the data in Zotero such that when I create a bibliography using the Chicago Manual's CSL it will give me something resembling what you show? As it is, there's a single field for both place and publisher, so the best I can come up with (in Zotero) is as follows:

    Place: City1, State1 and City2, State2
    Publisher: Organization1 and Organization2

    But I believe this will result in something similar to this in the bibliography:

    Organization1 and Organization2: City1, State1 and City2, State2

    FWIW: The two publishers are actually two organizations who collaborated on the work that went into doing the research reported on in the book.
  • As I say,
    Organization1 and Organization2: City1, State1 and City2, State2
    is the best you are going to be able to do with Zotero. The format I show is not possible (and I don't think it will be any time reasonably soon).
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    I'm motivated to ask...
    Did the publishers themselves collaborate on this publication/report or did organizations serve as administrative authors in a report jointly published by two publishers? I'm really asking if you needed both publishers to be included or both organizational authors. I'm thinking of books that are published by houses of the Holtzbrinck-Springer-Nature Group. The same book can be found published by Springer, by Macmillan, or by Palgrave depending on where the book is sold. Same authors and content but different covers and publisher locations. I want to know about how to locate the book and more importantly the authors of the book. Other examples are reports published (and authored by the organization) Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders. Depending upon the translation the publication place will differ (Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva). There are lots of books that list a publisher with two or more publisher locations. Some Holtzbrink books list multiple publisher names and places of publication in the same book.

    What will be important information for the manuscript target and for the people who read your report?
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    @DWL-SDCA It two organizations researching solutions to a specific problem, and specific individuals from each organization contributed individual chapters in the book.

    Here's what the publishing information looks like inside the book (periods added because duplicate spaces are removed from comments):


    Copyright © 20XX

    Organization Number One . . . . . . . . Organization Number Two
    PO Box 1234 . . . . . . . . . . . . . and . . PO Box 5678
    City 1, State 1 12345 . . . . . . . . . . . . City 2, State 2 67890

    Cover design by Joe Smith


    As far as I can tell, both organizations were equally involved in writing and publishing the book.
  • Correction: I just found this quote in the preface:

    "At the invitation of the Organization Number One (ON1), several scientists (all faculty or adjunct faculty at ON1) have banded together to investigate this issue. Sponsored jointly by ON1 and the Organization Number Two (ON2) ...".

    So, it sounds like Organization Number One was the primary publisher, and Organization Number Two primarily functioned as a source of funding.
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