zotero lab storage

I searched many discussions, but it is not clear yet

Recently, some friends and I want to have more space to store files, and want to know about zotero lab storage. The documentation only shows that

> ​​Zotero Lab is ideal for departments, laboratories, and small companies. A simple administrative interface lets you add or remove users from your Zotero Lab subscription at any time.
> Zotero Lab costs $30 per user, with a minimum of 15 users.

But what about the specific management? Can everyone create their own group? Can you show me the page after purchase?

I want everyone to be able to manage their own content,And can build a privacy library.

  • It is exactly the same as if each lab member had an individual unlimited storage subscription. The account you purchase the lab subscription with is the admin that can add and remove lab members from the list of included users.
  • Thanks bwiernik, I also want to know what can be done as a lab member?

    Do they have permission to create a new group, which will be very helpful for our collaboration。
  • edited March 2, 2023
    Yes, any Zotero user can always make groups. The only thing that is ever limited is how much file
    storage a user has. With lab membership or an unlimited individual subscription, they have unlimited file storage.
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