Zotero on Citrix - Local Administrator rights required

I've been asked to implement Zotero on Citrix XenApp (aka Presentation Server, aka Metaframe). I installed FIrefox and the Zotero plug-in, and it works....but only for users who are members of the local Administrators group on the Citrix server. Is there any way to make Zotero work for member of the Power Users group? I do not want to make all the Zotero users local admins on the server.
  • Hi
    Looking back to a topic of 2009, can somebody confirm that users of Zotero still need to be member of the local Administrators group on the Citrix server? This is nearly impossible to configure in a commercial environnment because the risk is far to high.
    Thank you in advance for the confirmation.
  • @BKMON: The original post would be long since irrelevant — that was from when Zotero was a Firefox extension rather than a standalone app.

    We don't know anything about Citrix installs, though, so it's something you would have to test yourself with the Zotero app.
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