Reading metadata from full citation from selected text

Is it possible to somehow read (whatever possible) data from a formatted citation. E.g. below: select the following and zotero could extract the bibliographic info from it. I know it won't be 100% accurate but several reports have a formatted citatation to say how to cite the report. It will be good enough still. The following is just a randomly selected citation from google scholar.
Jones, L., Downie, L.E., Korb, D., Benitez-del-Castillo, J.M., Dana, R., Deng, S.X., Dong, P.N., Geerling, G., Hida, R.Y., Liu, Y. and Seo, K.Y., 2017. TFOS DEWS II management and therapy report. The ocular surface, 15(3), pp.575-628.
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