Does indexed pdf text get synced to zotero servers?

As the title says, I haven’t synced my pdfs to my account, might do at some point. But I’d like to know whether the indexed text from pdfs gets synced to the online account. Thank you.
  • By default, yes. There a pref to sync full text content that you can disable if you don't want it to
  • Thank you for pointing out. If I’m not sharing the library in the group, does that data (full text extracted from pdfs) remain private only for the account holder? And not used by non account holder entity? Bit of a privacy question. My impression from reading the privacy statement is that it is safe and private and only accessible to the user.
  • Anything in your personal library is of course accessible only to just you, unless you choose to make your library public. Group libraries have only what you add to them.

    The point of that setting is to allow you to perform full-text searches even if you don't sync files or if a file hasn't been downloaded to a given device (e.g., because you're using the "as needed" file-sync mode).
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