Grouping Results from Advanced Find

When performing an advanced find/search, it would be nice if the "find" dialog box allowed you to export the results either to a flat file or, even better, a collection. Use case for this is, having a list of entries appear at-a-glance tied to a specific tag.

So for example, if my tag keyword is "code," then a visual way to see all entries tied to that keyword without my having to search for it. This way, I can see all the tags I've used and which entries tie to that tag.

I've developed such at-a-glance by using subcollections instead, with each subcollection being its own tag. The left pane complements the visual view for this subcollections setup.

The drawback to this setup is, I now have many subcollections, and it's taking more time to organize/determine the appropriate one to apply a new article to.

If anyone else has another approach that has worked as far as displaying all groups of articles in a one-stop shop organized by keyword, please feel free to share.
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