Weird up/down arrow behavior in annotation comment

With the sidebar closed, using the up/down arrow keys to navigate within an annotation's comment behaves strangely. After clicking in the comment to reveal the text cursor, hitting up/down arrow will actually navigate to the previous/next annotation as opposed to moving the cursor within the comment. If instead I first hit the left/right arrow key, then the up/down arrow keys behave as expected.

1. Close the sidebar.
2. Select an annotation that has a comment that spans multiple lines.
3. Click on the comment to reveal the text cursor at a specific location.
4. Hit the up arrow key and notice that focus has switched to the previous annotation.

If in step 4 we first hit the left (or right) arrow key, then hitting the up arrow key will move the text cursor within the comment, as expected.

This is using version 6.0.20 on Linux.
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