Problem with references

Hi Can you help _urgent

I have to fill in a word template from my university for my work. When I manually add a reference Zotero goes grey and whilst it lets me add it when I save the document and reopen it is completely disappears.
Also it keep reformating to the template font despiate changing it by selecting and changing font - please help
  • Any ideas? I have been given a word document to fill in
    Each section has supposed to have a separate reference list. When I add the reference list A - I cannot change the font size.
    When I try to add another reference list ( for another section) by placing my cursor where I want to add it - Zotero states, "Warning if you edit a citation in the editor, it will no longer be able to update to reflect changes in your database or the citation style." I would grateful if anyone has any suggestions.
    Thank you

  • Templates can mess with how automated citations work, and separate bibliographies per section isn't something that ZOtero can do in the first place. I'd work in separate Word files for every section, unlink citations in a copy of each file, and then paste into the template.
  • Hi
    Thank you so much for responding. I am now putting every in a separate work file.

    Can you help further - I cannot find one of my folders in Zotero with my work. I have checked manually, but it is gone. However, I have found one of the references when searching manually. Does that mean my references are still saved?
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