Sync issue on ios app "not a valid creator type"

edited February 21, 2023
This is not a big issue, but for some time now I have been getting a sync issue on the ios app every time I open it or sync is done:
"Error: bookauthor is not a valid creator type for item type conferencepaper"
I have:
- gone through all conference paper items, none has a book author
- made copies then converted all copied conference paper items to book sections, none has book author
- moved to trash all conference paper items (but not emptied trash), still get sync issue
Any idea how to resolve this?
  • edited February 21, 2023
    Two options:

    1) Empty the trash.

    2) Provide a Debug ID for a sync that triggers this, and we can probably tell you the item in question so you don't need to delete all your Conference Paper options.
  • Great!
    Here is my debug id: D1033169152
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    Have logged out of my ios zotero account and logged back in. I am not getting the sync issue anymore
  • We've identified the problem here and will fix it.

    (It was an item in your trash. The error would've continued until you emptied the item from your trash. It would've shown Book Author in the item pane, but it also shouldn't have been saved that way in the first place, since that's not a valid creator type for Conference Paper items.)
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