Change in-line citation format when creating notes from highlights

Is there any way you could change the inline citation format when exporting highlights and notes from the pdf reader to a childnote i.e from (Smith, 1970, p.2) to Smith 1970?

I tried with couple of author-date csl style that does not use brackets () but it doesn't seem to work.

I also tried to use the variable {{author}} instead of {{citation}} in the highlight template preferences, without more success (the variable author is not available in that case if I am correct).

I'd like to export quotation with the author only, or author-date, without bracket neither reference to page.
  • No, though note that the format is a live citation when inserted into Word using the Add Note button, so the citation would take on whichever citation style you're using.
  • Thank you for this clarification and procedure suggestion. I tried with Word and LibreOffice, and I could get what I wanted.
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