"6to4 Provider Managed tunnels" items added to library

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  • What the heck is this.. Just downloaded the app and firefox add on, and now it has brought some 5000 something from internet to the citations list..???? Would add a pic if it would be possible. But really don't even know what those are bout.. 6to4 Provider Managed tunnels etc.. Not a clue. they seem to be something about computer studies or something (really not the thing i write about).. ????
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    Can you take a screenshot that shows what you're describing, upload it somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and provide a link here?
  • Here is the link to the screenshot. At last it had some over 11.000 citations. But I somehow managed to stop it and then just emptied the whole thing and started from scratch. But luckily I just started anyways, so nothing was lost.
    Never understood, still, what happened.
  • I'm not really sure what you mean here. You obviously did something that caused Zotero to import those items. You'd have to say what you were doing when this happened.
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    Basically it looks like you imported thousands of internet RFCs — the technical documents that specify how various internet protocols works. You would've had to have opened a BibTeX or similar file (e.g., "rfc.bib") that contained all of those and told Zotero to import them into a new collection, or something like that. I'm not sure where one would even find such a file. But again, you'd be the one to know what you were doing to trigger this.
  • Yeah, I did! Tried everything to get my word build in bibliography to zotero. (And did, at last - with many tries and fixing the list still afterwards).

    This was the doc

    It was from zotero forum's "Converting Word Documents to BibTeX for Import" -topic.

    And here were the advices how to use it:
    "I have bibliographies in Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and other text files. Can I import them into my Zotero library?"
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    I'm not really sure what you're saying. Again, you would've had to have imported a specific BibTeX file containing thousands of internet RFC references, which you would've had to have found from somewhere. The file you linked to is not that at all. This wouldn't have anything to do with converting a bibliography from Word's built-in bibliography generator to Zotero.
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    Then I honestly don't know what it's all about. When that started, I tried to copy a link to zotero from internet, but that was some article. Propably about elderly care or management - because that was the subject I was studying. Definitely not about computer sciences. But instead of copying the one link, it just started to vacuum everything in internet. So, cannot answer. Don't know. But got it stopped and emptied the library, removed zotero and installed it again, and now it's okay. So maybe we just nail this coffin as a mystery unrevealed.
    Oh. It might have been the link about how to get the word bibliography to zotero - so if that was the case, it might have been a page about something with computers. but still - aimed at one article, not the whole internet.
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