Bibliography order in document ≠ order in style editor

I have a particular reference that is being misplaced when generating a bibliography. The reference is a parliamentary bill so should be sorted by title, I believe. It is instead being sorted by legislative body (Parliament, instead of Narcotics). This is in APA 7 style. Generated reference list:

When previewing the style in the Style Editor the bibliography preview has the order as I believe it should appear. Style Editor order:

  • huh -- I don't think we've seen a case where alphabetical sorting differed between Word add-on and style editor. Does this happen in a new Word document with just those three items, too?
  • It doesn't happen in a new Word document:

    Refreshing the references always gets the same wrong sort order in the bibliography. But deleting the bibliography and re-inserting it has fixed it.

    The magic of technology!
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