suppress all punctuation between items

I know this is a special case, but the footnote reads something like this (original in German):

S. Author, Title etc.; quoted in Author, Title etc and Author, Title etc.

There should be no punctuation between the second and third item (in German there is never a comma before and in a list of things).

Is there a way to do this? I know I can change the semicolon into a comma, but I seem to find no way to suppress it altogether.
  • I don't think that's possible, no. (In my opinion -- shared by many style guides -- works that weren't actually consulted, i.e. the first part of the citation, should not be in a list of references/bibliography because they weren't actually consulted, so they could be set in an prefix, but practices on that differ)
  • I should have written "also quoted in", I did not mean that the item hadn't been consulted, on the contrary. But in this case it is important to note that others have quoted that item as well.

    Anyway, this is not about the actual quote but about the possibility of using "and" (in German" between citations, which in German grammar prohibits a comma or semi-colon, at least to my understanding. The usual way is to use "sowie", which works with semi-colon or comma, but there are occasions where this doesn't work, in this case because it is already used earlier in the citation.

    I am asking for a colleague and I don't have the full text at hand, but looking at it this morning the footnote as such made total sense.

    I was hoping for some kind of work around. The obvious one would be to have a space in the prefix but that doesn't work.
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