Syncing a Collection in Zotero with a Group Library

edited February 9, 2023
Is there a way to sync a collection I have created in Zotero on my computer and have that collection sync automatically to a Group (with the same name and same desired content) that I have created on the web version of Zotero? If not, how can I get the content of these two things to always be the same?
  • I would love to know this as well!
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    This would be a very useful feature, particularly for integration with Overleaf.

    Creating a private group allows for syncing a specific BibLaTeX resource file based on a collection with Overleaf rather than a whole library. Being able to sync a collection with a group automatically would allow for easier integration, without having to maintain two separate directories independently.

    The trade-off of only maintaining the group library means that there are a large number of items in the "Unfiled Items" section, which makes it more difficult to identify new resources.
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