Zotero won't sync

Message: Last-Modified-Version not provided
Couldn't find this error message anywhere.
I am only at 24 percent of my storage and I'm paid to date. So... why is it suddenly not syncing, and what do I do?

I reported with report # 1169955357
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync that triggers this?

    Is this a work computer? Are you connecting via some sort of proxy server or corporate network?
  • Thanks for responding. I don't have a debug ID, just the report ID> When I click the sync icon, I get a red exclamation point with the message that "Last-Modified-Version not provided." I am on a work computer, which is relatively new. It's a Mac, and they were not able to mirror my old computer, so I had to copy most of the files over, but we got the ones related to Zotero. I have never had problems in the past, and I've been on this system for six years.
  • I linked to instructions for providing a Debug ID.
  • Here is the debug ID: D1652172554
  • It looks like one of the groups you're a member of has been broken and causing this error for years. (Other data would've continued to sync.) Sorry about that. Try now.
  • Thanks for your help. Whatever you did worked.
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