Typing lag in annotations and notes

Debug ID: D367125916
I'm running Zotero version 6.0.19 on macOS 11.6.8 (not M1).

Typing in notes and creating annotations has recently sprouted a 1-2 second lag.

- highlighting an open PDF in the PDF viewer can lead to 1-2 seconds wait for the highlight to appear and 1 extra second for the color option pop up to appear.
- Adding an annotation box can take 1-2 seconds
- clicking into an open note can lead to lag of 1-2 seconds for a cursor to appear and for characters to begin showing up after typing.

(in addition, clicking the Zotero icon to switch to an (already open) window takes 1-2 seconds after clicking.)

What other debug steps should I try? I've checked the errors in the console and there doesn't seem to be anything relevant.
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