Problems with Safari connector extension

I recently had to disable the Safari Zotero connector extension as it was causing problems with loading another website I use frequently (editable text boxes were not displaying properly on D2L Brightspace). The problem stopped when I disabled the Zotero extension. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm updated to the latest version of Zotero - anyone have any suggestions for fixing this bug?
  • Does this still happen if you disable all your other browser extensions, leave only the Zotero Connector enabled, and restart Safari?

    What exact Safari version?

    Can you provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for reloading the affected page and reproducing the problem?
  • Yes, it happens even after restarting the browser with all other extensions turned off. I'm using Safari Version 16.3 (18614. Here's the Debug ID: D663213766.
  • Hey folx,
    This problem is happening for me as well. Editable text boxes in a brightspace are not accessible with the Zotero extension for Safari running (Zotero 6 and Zotero connector for Safari 5.0.98).

    The HelpDesk at my institution (UVic) figured out it was the connector, and disabling it lets me click into these text boxes.

    My Debug Output ought to be submitted to you folx already (D2006741839) after having reproduced the problem.

    Hope this helps,
  • @Kai.jacobsen, @Kikila: Could you go to File → Save As… on one of the affected pages, choose "Format: Web Archive", and email the saved file to us at with a link to this thread?
  • @Kai.jacobsen, @Kikila: Could you disable all extensions, then download and install the SingleFile for Safari extension and see whether you encounter this issue with it enabled?
  • @adomasven Just downloaded that extension, when SingleFile is enabled I do not encounter the issue, when SingleFile and Zotero are enabled I do encounter the issue.
  • What's the domain in the URL (e.g., when you're accessing this site? We may just temporarily disable loading the Connector on this site for now, since we'll probably need this to be reported on a public site for us to be able to debug it (unless one of you is able to provide us with temporary access).
  • is the URL I use - I believe it's for @Kikila at Uvic. You might be able to get some kind of Brightspace trial to debug it? It's a learning management system, so various different institutions use it.
  • Hi there, I am also having this same problem. Is there any way that I can help with the troubleshooting process?
  • @zmorin284: You're referring specifically to Brightspace? We're going to try to get access to the site in order to fix it.
  • @dstillman Yeah, just Brightspace
  • @Kai.jacobsen, @zmorin284 Are textboxes not editable in quizes only? If you go to your profile page are those textboxes editable? Can you take a screenshot of a textbox that you cannot edit, upload it somewhere (like Dropbox) and post a link here?
  • @adomasven It is not all textboxes, oddly. I first noticed the issue when trying to write in a discussion post box. However, the subject box allows me to type in it. Would it be helpful if I sent a screen recording?
  • Yes, a screen recording would help. If it's confidential you can send it to, with a link to this thread.
  • OK, this should be fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and we'll release 6.0.22 with the updated Connector soon.
  • That's great news. Thank you so much!
  • @Kai.jacobsen, @Kikila, @zmorin284: Zotero 6.0.22 is available now with the fix. Thanks for reporting.
  • @dstillman It is working great again! Thank you so much for your help and the quick fix :D
  • Thanks so much!!!
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