Biblatex error linked to zotero exported ids

I'm trying to get a nice latex file working [MWE: 0]. While letting biblatex/biber run, it found some entries giving me a warning "WARN - Citekey alias 'li2014b' is also a real entry key, skipping ...". It seems to be linked to the entries being not as consistent as expected. Where can I find those entries in zotero itself and how to clean everything up?
For li2014b here the probable problem in the .bib file [1]
I'd love to have an automated possibility for getting this right again, but 50 entries would be as well okayish when doing it by hand... And: It's an automaically reexported file which should be in sync, so the possibility to change it by hand in the *.bib itself, won't work, probably.
What is the different between those two keys?

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@article{li2014a, ids = {li2014b}, title = {some title}, [...]}
@article{li2014b, ids = {li2014c}, title = {some other title}, [...]}
@article{li2014c, title = {some 3rd title}, [...]}
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