Inside sub-collection, only one item keep showing in expanded view, after tag selection

I noticed a strange behavior in a sub-collection. Inside, there are 85 items:
- 79 with a pdf attached;
- 3 with a snapshot attached;
- 3 without attachment.

I manually added tags (let's call them "A" and "B", with a color associated to each, in position 1 and 2 respectively) to some of these items:
- 13 with tag "A";
- 65 with tag "B".

When I select the sub-collection, I see all the 85 items, in collapsed view, which is expected.
When I select tag "A" in the tag selector, I see the 13 items, still on collapsed view.
But when I select tag "B", there is one item, always the same, which keeps showing in expanded view.

I can reproduce this on two different computers.

- Zotero 6.0.20
- Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and macOS Ventura 13.2
- All add-ons disabled
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