PDFs missing from my library

I am getting "the file could not be found" for nearly every PDF in my entire library. I checked online Zotero.org and it looks like my library was purged or something (which I did not do). I know I was close to the maximum storage of 2GB last week. Now it looks empty. Please, could you tell me what has occurred? Can I get my files back?
  • You purged your storage from the storage settings page on January 21st, so all previously uploaded files were removed.

    I've gone ahead and relinked all your non-snapshot files, totaling 1.6 GB. We're not able to relink snapshots. If you have the snapshots locally on a synced computer (which you would with default settings), you can do a Reset File Sync History from the Sync → Reset of the Zotero preferences to force it to reupload those files. (That would also have worked for the PDFs.) Don't use any other reset options in that pane.
  • Hello Dstillman
    Not sure how/who did that purge, but thank you so much for helping me restore these files and for these directions. I'm very grateful.
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