LibreOffice plugin - Windows 10 Pro - incorrect prompt

zotero 6.0.20
LibreOffice Version: (x64)

attempted installation of plugin stated 'JDK' required with 'Next' prompt greyed out in Zotero regardless of JDK present and recognised in LibreOffice.
resorted to manual install of plugin, however Zotero continued to report plugin as not installed when it's operational in LibreOffice.

another look at the issue lead to installing 'JRE' (not 'JDK' as prompted) into the default location and changing the Advanced > Java Options in LibreOffice to JRE instead.
installation of plugin from Zotero proceeded and recognised correctly.
i understand this should allow Zotero plugin updates to proceed normally.

long time Zotero advocate.
posted in the hope that this is a help, not a hinderance.
thank you for this indispensable aid to studies.
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