Error loading search that references two other searches

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  • Hello, I have an "Error loading items list" fault. This is on the Mac version on my hard drive. (report #1741241134)

    It occurs after I create and store two different searches (let's call them search #1 and search #2). I then conduct a third search (search #3), i.e. for those items which are common to search #1 and search #2. However I can't open, delete or do anything with search #3.

    The on-line version of Zotero doesn't display the searches.

    Was the problem caused by the use of the hash (#) in the search instructions?
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    @fentonh: Can you email with the name of the search and a link to this thread?
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    @fentonh: Thanks. I can reproduce. We'll work on a fix.

    (Note that you can actually edit and delete the search using the keyboard, but you might as well leave it in place to confirm that the eventual fix works for you.)
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