Changing the default ODF scan citation style

Is there a way to change the default citation used by the ODF scan? There is a specific style I use and when processing large documents it would be very helpful to avoid having to set the documents preference in LibreOffice to the preferable style. Thank you so much in advance for your time and response.
  • Good Morning Guys, just a brief note to follow up on this post. There is no rush, I just did not want it to fall through the cracks. Thank you in advance for your time.
  • The initial style isn't even really a citation style: it's just the human-readable part of what's in the citation marker. You could tweak this a bit (and you can manually change it in the marker all you want as long as you don't touch the ||), but automatically setting a specific citation style as part of the scan isn't possible, no.
  • Thanks for the quick response. That is unfortunate. The problem I am having is that dealing with a very large document in Scrivener makes LibreOffice/Zotero citation style selection hangs. I can run the chapters individually, then assemble them into one, and "refresh" the citations so the supra references are adjusted, which works fine on the LibreOffice/Zotero side. However, since I am using Scrivener, compiling chapters at the time messes with the sections' numbering, so they are all 1.1, 1.2, etc instead of the first number aligning with their corresponding chapters...

    I thought If I could pre-select a style, then I could avoid the problem. Back to the drawing board then.

    Thank you for trying anyways. Have a great day.
  • By "hang" -- do you mean it's not working at all or that it's slow? A large document should still go through, it'll just take some time, but I assume you're not constantly compiling the document?
  • The document is approximately 500 pages long.

    When I open the document (citations).odt, the process of going through the doc understandingly takes a long time after the ODF scan in LibreOffice and setting the desired citation style. LibreOffice eventually crashes, causing Zotero to crash as well (it shows not responding on the Mac menu). The only option at this point is to force quit Zotero.

    To give it another shot, I reopened LibreOffice, discard the document the system attempted to recover, opened Zotero, and re-selected the citation style. So far, I have not been able to complete the entire document at once.
  • Given the crash, I tried to save each chapter individually post-ODF scan before selecting the desired citation style and while some chapters go through without issue, in others, LibreOffice crashes. Here is the Report ID: 887603204 when that happens to help figure out why. Thank you!
  • By crash you mean literally shut down? Or hang? I don't think we'll be able to do much about other software crashing, I'm afraid. What version & what OS is this?
  • Once LibreOffice crashes, Zotero shows (not responding) when I click the force quit menu. My OS version is 12.6.
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