[Problem] Sync Pane gone

ID: 1026696427


Kindly help, many thanks!
  • Does restarting Zotero fix the issue?
  • edited January 26, 2023
    @kzssc: This occurred in the latest Zotero beta version when using a non-US-English locale. It's fixed in the latest beta, so you can just update to that, but if you don't mean to be running a beta, you should switch back to the latest release version from the download page. If you do mean to be using a beta, be sure to always say so (as you usually have before) when reporting problems here.

    (Betas usually work fine in non-US-English locales, but every once in a while a version might get pushed before US English string changes have been merged, and then this happens.)
  • @dstillman many thanks - as always - for your prompt and much helpful reply! Might be with pressure at work - completely overlook the information that I should have provided to expedite the diagnostics - sorry!

    Confirming that the situation has been resolved with the new beta!
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