Can I import markdown files and automatically make them notes in Zotero?

I use a software called Bookfusion to read most of my epubs and PDFs as it allows functionality with Calibre, my Boox tablets, and my mobile device. For those who are not aware of it, its like Kindle but not owned by Amazon (that I'm aware of lol). Bookfusion allows for highlights, comments and annotations on PDFs and epubs. You can export those in PDFs, markdown, and other formats. I use Obsidian as well for putting my notes together, but I like to try and keep my direct annotations and comments separate from Obsidian and store them in Zotero attached the citation item. Is there way to use this markdown file of notes and annotations and get it to import like a note to attach to a citation in Zotero? Otherwise I could do the PDF and just attach the PDF, but I'd prefer to have them as Zotero notes rather than a PDF of notes. Thanks!
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