Zotero bug with Mac Monterey and Ventura

I have a problem with my new Mac and Zotero.
I have a MacBook Air M2 with Monterey then Ventura (the problem exists with both): after installing Zotero, my computer started to bellow with a total blocking of the keyboard and the Pad each time I close the screen or switch to standby, forcing me to force the computer to shut down and then turn it back on again in order to use it again.
I contacted Apple, with whom we have done several techniques:
- creation of an administrator session: persistent bug
- formatting the whole hard disk and reinstalling the applications: the bug reappeared when downloading Zotero, and persisted after uninstalling Zotero
- re-format the hard disk and reinstall all applications except Zotero: the bug disappeared.
I need to use Zotero for my work.
Could you provide a solution to my problem?
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    OK, there's some sort of confusion here to start. Just "installing" Zotero doesn't do anything — it's just a program sitting in your Applications folder. If it's not running, it has absolutely no effect on your system.

    If you're saying that you're seeing a problem when Zotero is open, we can troubleshoot that, but we'd need specific steps to reproduce the problem, as well as a clearer description of what happens.

    See Reporting Problems for the two things we'd need to help you further.
  • Thanks for your comment!
    I have read the reporting pb.
    Here are my details:

    The first time I had the bug in my computer (total blocking of the keyboard and the Pad obliging me to forcefully turn it off and on again) I was using Zotero. It disappeared after 2 days without doing anything special, but I have to say I didn't think it was related to Zotero so I don't remember if I closed it or not.

    The second time I had the bug, I was using Zotero again.
    The bug persisted even when I closed Zotero. After a few days, I contacted Apple support.
    I described above the different techniques we tried.

    The problem came back when I reinstalled Zotero, but I installed the application and opened it at the same time, so I can't tell if the problem is related to the installation or the opening.

    But in any case the bug persisted even after closing the application, and even after uninstalling the application!

    This forced me to reformat the disk again and reinstall everything except Zotero...

    But I really need Zotero so I hope to find a way to use it again on my computer...

  • I'd be very surprised if these weren't co-incidents. Zotero somehow causing massive problems on your computer *after it's been uninstalled* is pretty much impossible: it's a computer program, not a curse.
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