[Feature Request] Display Citation Key when viewing/reading a document

The citation key appears on the right hand side when viewing a list of documents. But when I'm reading a single document, it's not there. It's quite annoying to have to go back to the list, find the document, and copy the cite key.

Here's some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/KhO7i6B
  • But quick copy works from the reader view, doesn't it? So you could set that up to copy the citekey ctrl+shift+a?
  • @adamsmith - That's certainly an option for those who know about it. It's not an intuitive solution though.

    Everything else on that info panel is exactly the same in both screens, would make sense to make it entirely consistent by adding the cite key as well.
  • To avoid confusion -- the citation Key display isn't by Zotero: It is added by the BBT add-on (which is why bwiernik tagged its developer above).

    I agree that making the panels identical is desirable, yes. I don't agree, though that quick copy of keys is some obscure option. I'd really hope that people regularly copying citation keys from Zotero don't rely on selecting and copying the citation key field: talk about annoying workflows.
  • I think I have an issue open for this on https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-better-bibtex/issues/2176, @carljoseph, does that cover your request?
  • That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification @adamsmith. Seems like quick copy isn't working for me, but I'll check on that elsewhere.

    @emilianoeheyns - thank you. Yes, that covers the request.
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