Can Zotero pick up (paywalled) PDFs available in a university library

Is there any way I can set up Zotero to pick up paywalled PDFs from my university's online library?
  • Of course. Zotero will automatically download any PDF that you have access to on the page when you save with the Zotero Connector on a supported site.
  • In addition, when you use "Find Available PDF", Zotero will pick up paywalled PDFs provided that
    1) you're authenticated directly via IP-range (i.e. don't need a web proxy) and
    2) access is through the publisher's webpage, or wherever the DOI points to. Zotero won't use campus lookup services to figure out, e.g., if an item is available via JSTOR, ProQuest, or a similar aggregator database.
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