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edited January 24, 2023
I just noticed that Zotero is not consistent in how it presents a series in two of my footnotes. I refer to two books in the same series (by the same author). The series is Christian Origins and the Question of God. The two books are _The New Testament and the People of God_ (no. 1 in the series), and _Paul and the Faithfulness of God_ (no. 4 in the series). Number 4 is itself a two-volume work. My entry in Zotero includes all of this information.

In the footnotes (using Society of Bible Literature 2nd edition (full note)), the series title (Christian Origins and the Question of God) is presented in in Roman typeface for no. 1, but in italics for no. 4. I can't see any difference in the two entries in Zotero, other than I have specified that there are 2 volumes in the # of Volumes field.

Does this make sense? Any idea why this is different?

You can see a screenshot of my entries for each volume:

no. 1: NTPG.png?dl=0
no. 4: PFG.png?dl=0
  • The SBL style treats the series title field as a volume title when you have a volume number or a number of volumes indicated. That's a bit of a hack, but it was for a long time the only way to get italicized volume titles at all. (We now have volume-title in CSL, so could change this, but it'll take some time)
  • Okay. Thank, Adam. I'll just remove the volume number.

    I appreciate the Zotero team so very much!!
  • Is there any update on this? Is the addition of a 'volume-title' field planned for Zotero 7? Or now that 'volume-title' exists is CSL, is this something that certain styles (e.g., SBL Handbook of Style, Chicago) could be individually edited to accommodate?
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