Outdated LibreOffice plugin?

I have been using Zotero on Linux Mint since v. 20, now 21. I am running Zotero as Flatpak. Everything works perfectly, except on every startup of Zotero after a reboot I get a warning popup informing me that "the Zotero plugin for LibreOffice is outdated. Reinstall the plugin from Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors." I have the option to click "Don't show again for 30 days", but clicking it doesn't prevent it from reappearing after a reboot.

As I said, everything works perfectly, but is it possible to not get this message every time?

If I go to Check for updates in Zotero, it says there is a recommended update available, but I don't have permission to install it. However, I am running the Flatpak version 6.0.12, which is the latest according to the Software Manager.
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