Windows 11 ok to download without messing up Zotero?

Hi. Has anyone had problems with Zotero not saved to the cloud after upgrading from Windows 10 to 11? Do those who have done it recommend the upgrade?
I can't risk problems while writing a big paper.
Thank you.
  • I haven't noticed any effect of W11 on Zotero (and no problems at all).
    More generally, W11 seems like a fairly moderate update, and I'd probably stay away from it if you're in the midst of a big project -- but again, I've not had any problems personally and I don't think we've seen a single report of W11-related issues with Zotero, so you're almost certainly safe on that front.
  • I didn't notice anything.
    As mentioned, I also saw the upgrade to Win11 more just like a facelift with very little changes under the hood.
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