Best way to rebuild library after computer died

Hi, my laptop (2011 MacBook air) completely died on me this spring, and I have been unable to retrieve my Zotero library files properly. I have my full library with titles in Zotero, but when I click on an article, it is no longer linked to an item on my desktop.

I backed up my new computer from iCloud, and I have found some of the articles via search and linked them that way. However, I have not done that for all the articles in my Zotero library. I regret using the Zotero Chrome downloader plugin and not storing all the articles in a specific folder corresponding to my research. Does anyone have suggestions on finding and syncing files with my Zotero library quickly? I suspect I will either have to find them on my hard drive or redownload them manually, but I have been hoping to avoid that.
  • It's not really clear what you mean here. Do you have a backup of your previous computer files? If you do, see Restoring Your Zotero Data From a Backup.

    But it looks like you've been using syncing, so you should also be able to just sync to pull down your library from the online library, and you'll see the same library you see on this site.
  • I backed up my computer from iCloud however, and I backed up Zotero from sync. However the articles listed in my Zotero are no longer associated any files on my harddrive. So I am able to see what is (was) in my library however I am unable to open any files as they are not linked to any files on my harddrive.
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    Were you using stored files or linked files? And can you access the files in the online library? You have >600 MB of stored files online.

    What's an example of the exact message you're seeing? (You can 'x' out your username.)
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